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Automatic Litter Box - How to Get a Good One?
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Thursday, 23 December 2010
Automatic Litter Boxes - How to Go With a Good One?
Automatic kitty litter boxes attract a lot of cat owners since they're tired of cleaning traditional litter boxes by hand. Inadequately designed contraptions can require constant human intervention to adjust, clean, and reset when rakes and gears become jammed in the self-cleaning cycle. Having used a few of these products myself, and having read lots of feedback from consumers of various brands, I made a decision to recommend those below as the most effective on the market today.

1) Litter Robot

The Litter Robot waits a few minutes after your cat has left the litter box, and then drops the waste into a plastic bag underneath. It is quiet when it operates, and controls odor relatively well. One other big advantage is that it doesn't have a lot of ongoing costs. The only things that need replacing on an ongoing basis are premium clumping litter and plastic bags from any grocery store. Highly recommended!

2) Petsafe Simply Clean

It continuously moves and deposits clumps into a plastic bag. There is no likelihood of kitty getting its paws trapped in any moving elements because it is not subjected to any. The only continuing costs are common plastic bags and premium clumping litter. The only complaint from some consumers is that while the litter box is working, the softer fecal material could break apart into pieces that are too small to get swept away by the conveyor, and end up staying inside the box until they are manually removed. If your cat has soft feces, be prepared to have to do a bit of manual scooping occasionally. 3) ScoopFree

ScoopFree has the common design shared by many automated boxes, consisting of a rake that drags clumps to a disposable tray after the kitty leaves. does not have to be replaced ) that absorb urine as well as dry out waste to regulate the odor. Better yet, this box is for sale at a low price as compared to plenty of other automated boxes. The only continuing cost is for the expendable tray, which must be replaced when it becomes full. This litterbox is relatively low-maintenance. However, a few consumers have complained about the motor being too loud, and the odor being conspicuous. All in all, though, I would still suggest this litter box as being one of the best ones currently available.

The Cat Genie operates differently from the typical automatic litterbox. Rather than typical kitty litter, the box comes with granules that are permanent and requires no replacements. After the waste material is removed, the box would mechanically rinse and dry itself. The installation at the beginning may be more troublesome than with other kitty litter boxes, but the fact that it is self-cleaning and self-flushing more than makes up for the original time investment. The major downside about this box are 1) the ongoing cost of the sani-solution can accumulate over time, and 2) some owners complain about malfunctioning like jams that will require untidy disassembly, disgusting manual washing of half-dissolved waste, and reassembly. You are advised to do your own investigating online before making a purchasing decision. Just don't assume that any automatic cat litter box will do more of the dirty work to make your life easier - some will, and some won't. The more research you do before buying, the less probable you will finish up with a huge mess on your hands and a bigger headache, not to mention a lighter wallet.

You are welcomed to visit to find out more about the most well liked automatic litter box on the market today.

Posted by kennymanning0326 at 12:03 PM EST
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